Class Cubby

Class Cubby is a full-scale iPad learning Application for elementary schools.

Arbor Networks Website Refresh

This was a website refresh for Arbor Networks that I contributed to while working at MODE.

Client/Server Yahtzee Web App

The most intense project I've built on my own, a complete use of both client and server coordination to form an online 2-player version of Yahtzee!

Rise and Shine iPhone App

Rise and Shine was an iOS app that I built as a quick way to get all the information about the upcoming day that you would want right when you wake up.

Plate-Finder iPhone App

Plate Finder is my first iPhone app that I made. It was developed for a class project and focuses on Rochester's most famous dish.

Emergency Services Directory

This project uses JQuery AJAX calls to hit a back-end RESTful server for data on local emergency services

SVG Launcher

Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to create a favorite website launcher

Content Management System Project

A PHP-intense back-end content management system

Drop-Down Menu Project

Utilizing pure, vanilla JavaScript to code out complex drop-downs

Maya 3D Creature Model

One of my favorite, but most time consuming projects. This one is done completely in Maya

Frame-by-Frame Animation

Simple frame-by-frame animation that was fun to work on.

Unity 3D Car Chase Game

Jumping into the world of 3D, a Unity-based car chase game.

Montreal Photographic Design

My take on a photographic collage, based on pictures that I took in Montreal.