Content Management System Project

This was a pretty intense project that I did for a class my sophomore year. Our task was to create a fake online newspaper and then make our own content management system to power it. This version of the project allows a normal user to view the paper and browse through a set of news articles. They can also click on individual articles to find their permalinks. Also, users are shown articles from other popular sites and other 'newspapers' Administrative users can do additional tasks. These users can use the admin panel to alter all of the content on the page. They can add new articles, alter the editor's message and choose which news sources they want to pull content from. As a bonus feature there is an ad banner at the top of the page that cycles through three different equally-weighted ads.

The HTML and CSS in this project as very minimal, and were not a focus. The server side of the project uses PHP and all articles are stored in a RSS file. The website uses RSS to grab articles from other sources. The site also features working pagination for the news articles. A later version of this project swapped the RSS file for a MySQL database.